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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
17 84 1iioA Nmr-based structure of the conserved protein mth865 from the archea methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
20 95 1eh2A Structure of the second eps15 homology domain of human eps15, nmr, 20 structures
24 92 1b4cA Solution structure of rat apo-s100b using dipolar couplings
41 142 1gm0A A form of the pheromone-binding protein from bombyx mori
17 77 1f55A Solution structure of the calcium bound n-terminal domain of yeast calmodulin
41 188 1ikuA Myristoylated recoverin in the calcium-free state, nmr, 22 structures
28 188 1jsaA Myristoylated recoverin with two calciums bound, nmr, 24 structures
21 108 1c3yA Thp12-carrier protein from yellow meal worm
27 75 1cdnA Solution structure of (cd2+)1-calbindin d9k reveals details of the stepwise structural changes along the apo--> (ca2+)ii1--> (ca2+)i,ii2 binding pathway
18 76 1f70A Refined solution structure of calmodulin n-terminal domain
24 78 1cb1A Three-dimensional solution structure of ca2+-loaded porcine calbindin d9k determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
21 75 1b1gA Solvated refinement of ca-loaded calbindin d9k
37 90 1a03A The three-dimensional structure of ca2+-bound calcyclin: implications for ca2+-signal transduction by s100 proteins, nmr, 20 structures
12 73 1cmgA Nmr solution structure of calcium-loaded calmodulin carboxy-terminal domain
37 90 1cnpA The structure of calcyclin reveals a novel homodimeric fold for s100 ca2+-binding proteins, nmr, 22 structures
23 92 1cfpA S100b (s100beta) nmr data was collected from a sample of calcium free protein at ph 6.3 and a temperature of 311 k and 1.7-6.9 mm concentration, 25 structures
30 140 1ggwA Cdc4p from schizosaccharomyces pombe
37 134 1jfjA Nmr solution structure of an ef-hand calcium binding protein from entamoeba histolytica
11 73 1cmfA Nmr solution structure of apo calmodulin carboxy-terminal domain
28 84 1h4bA Solution structure of the birch pollen allergen bet v 4
11 90 1blqA Structure and interaction site of the regulatory domain of troponin-c when complexed with the 96-148 region of troponin-i, nmr, 29 structures
13 76 1ak8A Nmr solution structure of cerium-loaded calmodulin amino-terminal domain (ce2-tr1c), 23 structures
20 67 1j7pA Solution structure of calcium calmodulin c-terminal domain
44 190 1fpwA Structure of yeast frequenin
19 89 1ap4A Regulatory domain of human cardiac troponin c in the calcium-saturated state, nmr, 40 structures
26 75 1d1oA Cooperativity in ef-hand ca2+-binding proteins: evidence of site-site communication from binding-induced changes in structure and dynamics of n56a calbindin d9k
37 90 1jwdA Ca2+-induced structural changes in calcyclin: high-resolution solution structure of ca2+-bound calcyclin.
26 75 1clbA Determination of the solution structure of apo calbindin d9k by nmr spectroscopy
41 189 1jbaA Unmyristoylated gcap-2 with three calcium ions bound
15 81 1fi5A Nmr structure of the c terminal domain of cardiac troponin c bound to the n terminal domain of cardiac troponin i.
24 76 1j7oA Solution structure of calcium-calmodulin n-terminal domain
37 148 1cfcA Calcium-free calmodulin
6 74 1bodA The solution structures of mutant calbindin d9k's, as determined by nmr, show that the calcium binding site can adopt different folds
19 95 1f8hA Structure of the second eps15 homology domain of human eps15 in complex with ptgssstnpfr
24 93 1k2hA Three-dimensional solution structure of apo-s100a1.
15 75 1jc2A Complex of the c-domain of troponin c with residues 1-40 of troponin i
19 75 1kqvA Family of nmr solution structures of ca ln calbindin d9k
36 148 1ckkA Calmodulin/rat ca2+/calmodulin dependent protein kinase fragment
17 71 1ih0A Structure of the c-domain of human cardiac troponin c in complex with ca2+ sensitizer emd 57033
28 148 1cffA Nmr solution structure of a complex of calmodulin with a binding peptide of the ca2+-pump
19 95 1c07A Structure of the third eps15 homology domain of human eps15
19 68 1c7vA Nmr solution structure of the calcium-bound c-terminal domain (w81-s161) of calcium vector protein from amphioxus
19 95 1ff1A Structure of the second eps15 homology domain of human eps15 in complex with ptgssstnpfl
19 77 1f54A Solution structure of the apo n-terminal domain of yeast calmodulin
25 75 1kcyA Nmr solution structure of apo calbindin d9k (f36g + p43m mutant)
13 73 1h8bA Ef-hands 3,4 from alpha-actinin / z-repeat 7 from titin
21 92 1fi6A Solution structure of the reps1 eh domain
21 86 1j7qA Solution structure and backbone dynamics of the defunct ef-hand domain of calcium vector protein
13 110 1iq3A Solution structure of the eps15 homology domain of a human pob1
33 148 1dmoA Calmodulin, nmr, 30 structures