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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
9 74 1abtA Nmr solution structure of an alpha-bungarotoxin(slash)nicotinic receptor peptide complex
18 62 1aiwA Nmr structures of the cellulose-binding domain of the endoglucanase z from erwinia chrysanthemi, 23 structures
12 59 1drsA Three-dimensional structure of the rgd-containing neurotoxin homologue, dendroaspin
28 85 1couA Anticoagulant protein from the nematode ancylostoma caninum
3 46 1f7eA The first egf-like domain from human blood coagulation fvii, nmr, 20 structures
2 74 1idlA The nmr solution structure of alpha-bungarotoxin
8 74 1hajA A beta-hairpin structure in a 13-mer peptide that binds a-bungarotoxin with high affinity and neutralizes its toxicity
2 41 1l3yA Integrin egf-like module 3 from the beta-2 subunit
20 79 1exkA Solution structure of the cysteine-rich domain of the escherichia coli chaperone protein dnaj.
13 192 1b8tA Solution structure of the chicken crp1
6 53 1egfA Solution structure of murine epidermal growth factor determined by nmr spectroscopy and refined by energy minimization with restraints
3 40 1fsbA Structure of the egf domain of p-selectin, nmr, 19 structures
7 61 1je9A Nmr solution structure of nt2
5 101 1hhnA Calreticulin p-domain
14 128 1gknA Structure determination and rational mutagenesis reveal binding surface of immune adherence receptor, cr1 (cd35)
4 42 1ccfA How an epidermal growth factor (egf)-like domain binds calcium-high resolution nmr structure of the calcium form of the nh2-terminal egf-like domain in coagulation factor x
6 60 1ffjA Nmr structure of cardiotoxin in dpc-micelle
1 53 1epjA Three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance structures of mouse epidermal growth factor in acidic and physiological ph solutions
8 62 1fraA Tertiary structure of erabutoxin b in aqueous solution elucidated by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance
10 107 1ks6A Transforming growth factor beta type ii receptor ligand binding domain
15 160 1e88A Solution structure of 6f11f22f2, a compact three-module fragment of the gelatin-binding domain of human fibronectin
2 74 1k9cA Solution structure of calreticulin p-domain subdomain (residues 189-261)
5 74 1idhA The nmr solution structure of the complex formed between alpha-bungarotoxin and an 18mer cognate peptide
6 56 1ccvA Nmr solution structure of apis mellifera chymotrypsin inhibitor (amci).
4 46 1ff7A The first egf-like domain from human blood coagulation fvii (fucosylated at ser-60), nmr, 20 structures
9 59 1ks0A The first fibronectin type ii module from human matrix metalloproteinase 2
12 53 1apqA Structure of the egf-like module of human c1r, nmr, 19 structures
1 53 1ephA Three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance structures of mouse epidermal growth factor in acidic and physiological ph solutions
4 74 1ikcA Nmr structure of alpha-bungarotoxin
2 92 1dz7A Solution structure of the a-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin [modeled without carbohydrate residues]
5 62 1coeA Solution conformation of cobrotoxin: a nuclear magnetic resonance and hybrid distance geometry-dynamical simulated annealing study
2 49 1gk5A Solution structure the megf/tgfalpha44-50 chimeric growth factor
6 59 1ibiA Quail cysteine and glycine-rich protein, nmr, 15 minimized model structures
6 55 1kmxA Heparin-binding domain from vascular endothelial growth factor
17 60 1cxwA The second type ii module from human matrix metalloproteinase 2
4 42 1apoA Three-dimensional structure of the apo form of the n-terminal egf-like module of blood coagulation factor x as determined by nmr spectroscopy and simulated folding
4 74 1kc4A Nmr structural analysis of the complex formed between alpha-bungarotoxin and the principal alpha-neurotoxin binding sequence on the alpha7 subunit of a neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
12 120 1e5gA Solution structure of central cp module pair of a pox virus complement inhibitor
5 85 1ctlA Structure of the carboxy-terminal lim domain from the cysteine rich protein crp
7 62 1g6mA Nmr solution structure of cbt2
7 76 1imlA Cysteine rich intestinal protein, nmr, 48 structures
12 74 1kfhA Solution structure of alpha-bungarotoxin by nmr spectroscopy
2 45 1a3pA Role of the 6-20 disulfide bridge in the structure and activity of epidermal growth factor, nmr, 20 structures
4 45 1ed7A Solution structure of the chitin-binding domain of bacillus circulans wl-12 chitinase a1
6 60 1crfA Cardiotoxin ii from taiwan cobra venom, naja naja atra: structure in solution and comparision among homologous cardiotoxins
8 115 1i4vA Solution structure of the umud' homodimer
4 62 1atdA High-resolution structure of ascaris trypsin inhibitor in solution: direct evidence for a ph induced conformational transition in the reactive site
20 80 1imtA Mamba intestinal toxin 1, nmr, 39 structures
8 62 1cvoA The solution structure of cardiotoxin v from naja naja atra
7 67 1hrfA Solution structure of the epidermal growth factor-like domain of heregulin-alpha, a ligand for p180erb4