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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
1003 3198 3vkgA X-ray structure of an mtbd truncation mutant of dynein motor domain
899 3218 3vkhA X-ray structure of a functional full-length dynein motor domain
807 2695 4ai6A Dynein motor domain - adp complex
804 2695 4akgA Dynein motor domain - atp complex
798 2695 4akhA Dynein motor domain - amppnp complex
798 2695 4akiA Dynein motor domain - luac derivative
43 159 4p3rA Cryogenic wt dhfr, time-averaged ensemble
501 1472 1ea0A Alpha subunit of a. brasilense glutamate synthase
23 85 1ggrB Complex of enzyme iiaglc and the histidine-containing phosphocarrier protein hpr from escherichia coli nmr, restrained regularized mean structure
1 46 1eesB Solution structure of cdc42hs complexed with a peptide derived from p-21 activated kinase, nmr, 20 structures
21 97 1jm7B Solution structure of the brca1/bard1 ring-domain heterodimer
11 92 1adnA Solution structure of the dna methylphosphotriester repair domain of escherichia coli ada
19 85 1j6tB Complex of enzyme iiamtl and the histidine-containing phosphocarrier protein hpr from escherichia coli nmr, restrained regularized mean structure
233 2006 2pffB Structural insights of yeast fatty acid synthase
7 54 1brzA Solution structure of the sweet protein brazzein, nmr, 43 structures
34 166 1crpA The solution structure and dynamics of ras p21. gdp determined by heteronuclear three and four dimensional nmr spectroscopy
13 90 1hqiA Component p2 from the multicomponent phenol hydroxylase, nmr, 11 structures
27 165 1jknA Solution structure of the nudix enzyme diadenosine tetraphosphate hydrolase from lupinus angustifolius complexed with atp
8 44 1i2vA Nmr solution structures of an antifungal and antibacterial mutant of heliomicin
11 114 1bljA Nmr ensemble of blk sh2 domain, 20 structures
39 129 1djmA Solution structure of bef3-activated chey from escherichia coli
8 58 1ev0A Solution structure of the mine topological specificity domain
14 96 1eq3A Nmr structure of human parvulin hpar14
26 82 1fovA Glutaredoxin 3 from escherichia coli in the fully oxidized form
28 85 1egoA Nmr structure of oxidized escherichia coli glutaredoxin: comparison with reduced e. coli glutaredoxin and functionally related proteins
15 107 1a2iA Solution structure of desulfovibrio vulgaris (hildenborough) ferrocytochrome c3, nmr, 20 structures
10 85 1ip9A Solution structure of the pb1 domain of bem1p
12 111 1fybA Solution structure of c1-t1, a two-domain proteinase inhibitor derived from the circular precursor protein na-propi from nicotiana alata
18 89 1ab7A Nmr 15n relaxation and structural studies reveal conformational exchange in barstar c40/82a, 30 structures
84 215 1g7oA Nmr solution structure of reduced e. coli glutaredoxin 2
22 81 1ghhA Solution structure of dini
4 65 1hyjA Solution structure of the eea1 fyve domain
4 96 1doyA 1h and 15n sequential assignment, secondary structure and tertiary fold of [2fe-2s] ferredoxin from synechocystis sp. pcc 6803
19 174 1ak7A Destrin, nmr, 20 structures
8 56 1fclA Delta1.5: a computationally designed core variant of the b1 domain of streptococcal protein g
17 120 1j6yA Solution structure of pin1at from arabidopsis thaliana
35 135 1cfeA P14a, nmr, 20 structures
18 98 1iv0A Solution structure of the yqgf-family protein (n-terminal fragment)
21 79 1kvjA Solution structure of the cu(i) bound form of the first heavy metal binding motif of the menkes protein
31 144 1f7xA Solution structure of c-terminal domain zipa
26 102 1go0A Nmr structure of ribosomal protein l30e from thermococcus celer
10 56 1gb1A A novel, highly stable fold of the immunoglobulin binding domain of streptococcal protein g
20 128 1e0zA [2fe-2s]-ferredoxin from halobacterium salinarum
17 151 1ix5A Solution structure of the methanococcus thermolithotrophicus fkbp
8 71 1gh9A Solution structure of a 8.3 kda protein (gene mth1184) from methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
10 54 1iy6A Solution structure of omsvp3 variant, p14c/n39c
18 90 1ilyA Solution structure of ribosomal protein l18 of thermus thermophilus
11 68 1f22A A proton-nmr investigation of the fully reduced cytochrome c7 from desulfuromonas acetoxidans. comparison between the reduced and the oxidized forms.
13 108 1a67A Chicken egg white cystatin wildtype, nmr, 16 structures
19 94 1do9A Solution structure of oxidized microsomal rabbit cytochrome b5. factors determining the heterogeneous binding of the heme.