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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
1003 3198 3vkgA X-ray structure of an mtbd truncation mutant of dynein motor domain
899 3218 3vkhA X-ray structure of a functional full-length dynein motor domain
807 2695 4ai6A Dynein motor domain - adp complex
804 2695 4akgA Dynein motor domain - atp complex
798 2695 4akhA Dynein motor domain - amppnp complex
798 2695 4akiA Dynein motor domain - luac derivative
17 84 1iioA Nmr-based structure of the conserved protein mth865 from the archea methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
20 58 1h0tB An affibody in complex with a target protein: structure and coupled folding
24 101 1l3eB Nmr structures of the hif-1alpha ctad/p300 ch1 complex
24 121 1jspB Nmr structure of cbp bromodomain in complex with p53 peptide
60 180 1a7mA Leukaemia inhibitory factor chimera (mh35-lif), nmr, 20 structures
20 59 1kbhB Mutual synergistic folding in the interaction between nuclear receptor coactivators cbp and actr
14 64 1du6A Solution structure of the truncated pbx homeodomain
15 98 1fliA Dna-binding domain of fli-1
19 86 1dk2A Refined solution structure of the n-terminal domain of dna polymerase beta
84 215 1g7oA Nmr solution structure of reduced e. coli glutaredoxin 2
27 75 1cdnA Solution structure of (cd2+)1-calbindin d9k reveals details of the stepwise structural changes along the apo--> (ca2+)ii1--> (ca2+)i,ii2 binding pathway
11 57 1hbwA Solution nmr structure of the dimerization domain of the yeast transcriptional activator gal4 (residues 50-106)
15 53 1ba5A Dna-binding domain of human telomeric protein, htrf1, nmr, 18 structures
46 178 1gncA Structure and dynamics of the human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor determined by nmr spectroscopy. loop mobility in a four-helix-bundle protein
18 102 1kkxA Solution structure of the dna-binding domain of adr6
19 91 1k99A Solution structure of the first hmg box in human upstream binding factor
6 53 1jeiA Lem domain of human inner nuclear membrane protein emerin
41 188 1ikuA Myristoylated recoverin in the calcium-free state, nmr, 22 structures
23 100 1i6dA Solution structure of the functional domain of paracoccus denitrificans cytochrome c552 in the reduced state
26 130 1a63A The nmr structure of the rna binding domain of e.coli rho factor suggests possible rna-protein interactions, 10 structures
20 95 1eh2A Structure of the second eps15 homology domain of human eps15, nmr, 20 structures
16 86 1af8A Actinorhodin polyketide synthase acyl carrier protein from streptomyces coelicolor a3(2), nmr, 24 structures
41 142 1gm0A A form of the pheromone-binding protein from bombyx mori
55 192 1f16A Solution structure of a pro-apoptotic protein bax
16 41 1hf9A C-terminal coiled-coil domain from bovine if1
41 133 1iygA Solution structure of rsgi ruh-001, a fis1p-like and cgi-135 homologous domain from a mouse cdna
28 188 1jsaA Myristoylated recoverin with two calciums bound, nmr, 24 structures
17 77 1f55A Solution structure of the calcium bound n-terminal domain of yeast calmodulin
14 112 1irgA Interferon regulatory factor-2 dna binding domain, nmr, 20 structures
14 40 1ercA The nmr solution structure of the pheromone er-1 from the ciliated protozoan euplotes raikovi
29 108 1fhbA Three-dimensional solution structure of the cyanide adduct of a met80ala variant of saccharomyces cerevisiae iso-1-cytochrome c. identification of ligand-residue interactions in the distal heme cavity
35 128 1cmzA Solution structure of gaip (galpha interacting protein): a regulator of g protein signaling
29 77 1hdjA Human hsp40 (hdj-1), nmr
21 108 1c3yA Thp12-carrier protein from yellow meal worm
12 60 1bdcA Staphylococcus aureus protein a, immunoglobulin-binding b domain, nmr, 10 structures
19 69 1dpuA Solution structure of the c-terminal domain of human rpa32 complexed with ung2(73-88)
11 66 1bw5A The nmr solution structure of the homeodomain of the rat insulin gene enhancer protein isl-1, 50 structures
17 72 1eijA Nmr ensemble of methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum protein 1615
12 87 1bnpA Nmr solution structure of the n-terminal domain of dna polymerase beta, 55 structures
24 92 1b4cA Solution structure of rat apo-s100b using dipolar couplings
18 47 1kbhA Mutual synergistic folding in the interaction between nuclear receptor coactivators cbp and actr
22 98 1begA Structure of fungal elicitor, nmr, 18 structures
13 81 1kx7A Family of 30 conformers of a mono-heme ferrocytochrome c from shewanella putrefaciens solved by nmr
11 60 1gyzA Bacterial ribosomal protein l20 from aquifex aeolicus