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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
501 1472 1ea0A Alpha subunit of a. brasilense glutamate synthase
6 58 1a0nB Nmr study of the sh3 domain from fyn proto-oncogene tyrosine kinase complexed with the synthetic peptide p2l corresponding to residues 91-104 of the p85 subunit of pi3-kinase, family of 25 structures
13 58 1aeyA Alpha-spectrin src homology 3 domain, solution nmr, 15 structures
12 129 1a9vA Tertiary structure of the major house dust mite allergen der p 2, nmr, 10 structures
22 141 1ilfA Nmr structure of apo cbfb
3 50 1i5hW Solution structure of the rnedd4 wwiii domain-renal bp2 peptide complex
18 62 1aiwA Nmr structures of the cellulose-binding domain of the endoglucanase z from erwinia chrysanthemi, 23 structures
9 74 1abtA Nmr solution structure of an alpha-bungarotoxin(slash)nicotinic receptor peptide complex
12 59 1drsA Three-dimensional structure of the rgd-containing neurotoxin homologue, dendroaspin
33 132 1bwyA Nmr study of bovine heart fatty acid binding protein
29 205 1bf8A Periplasmic chaperone fimc, nmr, 20 structures
4 60 1kg1A Nmr structure of the nip1 elicitor protein from rhynchosporium secalis
9 70 1ha6A Nmr solution structure of murine ccl20/mip-3a chemokine
33 131 1kzwA Solution structure of human intestinal fatty acid binding protein
21 151 1k3nA Nmr structure of the fha1 domain of rad53 in complex with a rad9-derived phosphothreonine (at t155) peptide
8 74 1hajA A beta-hairpin structure in a 13-mer peptide that binds a-bungarotoxin with high affinity and neutralizes its toxicity
12 110 1exhA Solution structure of a cellulose binding domain from cellulomonas fimi by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
3 40 1fsbA Structure of the egf domain of p-selectin, nmr, 19 structures
2 41 1l3yA Integrin egf-like module 3 from the beta-2 subunit
32 122 1axjA Fmn-binding protein from desulfovibrio vulgaris (miyazaki f), nmr, 20 structures
9 100 1ksrA The repeating segments of the f-actin cross-linking gelation factor (abp-120) have an immunoglobulin fold, nmr, 20 structures
10 60 1jegA Solution structure of the sh3 domain from c-terminal src kinase complexed with a peptide from the tyrosine phosphatase pep
11 71 1g2tA Solution structure of eotaxin-3
24 158 1k2mA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphotyrosyl peptide derived from rad9
2 52 1e8jA Solution structure of desulfovibrio gigas zinc rubredoxin, nmr, 20 structures
3 50 1e8rA Solution structure of type x cbd
11 77 1b2tA Solution structure of the cx3c chemokine domain of fractalkine
2 74 1idlA The nmr solution structure of alpha-bungarotoxin
22 165 1dxwA Structure of hetero complex of non structural protein (ns) of hepatitis c virus (hcv) and synthetic peptidic compound
16 153 1cx1A Second n-terminal cellulose-binding domain from cellulomonas fimi beta-1,4-glucanase c, nmr, 22 structures
3 46 1f7eA The first egf-like domain from human blood coagulation fvii, nmr, 20 structures
11 87 1g6eA Antifungal protein from streptomyces tendae tu901, 30-conformers ensemble
5 73 1ap0A Structure of the chromatin binding (chromo) domain from mouse modifier protein 1, nmr, 26 structures
22 125 1bw3A Three-dimensional structure in solution of barwin, a protein from barley seed
7 49 1apfA Anthopleurin-b, nmr, 20 structures
6 53 1egfA Solution structure of murine epidermal growth factor determined by nmr spectroscopy and refined by energy minimization with restraints
7 61 1je9A Nmr solution structure of nt2
13 192 1b8tA Solution structure of the chicken crp1
17 130 1aweA Human sos1 pleckstrin homology (ph) domain, nmr, 20 structures
7 70 1g6zA Solution structure of the clr4 chromo domain
18 186 1jbjA Cd3 epsilon and gamma ectodomain fragment complex in single-chain construct
25 151 1k3jA Refined nmr structure of the fha1 domain of yeast rad53
22 158 1k2nA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphothreonyl peptide derived from rad9
7 87 1k8oA Solution structure of the lipoic acid-bearing domain of the e2 component of human, mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase
7 74 1gbrA Orientation of peptide fragments from sos proteins bound to the n-terminal sh3 domain of grb2 determined by nmr spectroscopy
8 62 1kfzA Solution structure of c-terminal sem-5 sh3 domain (ensemble of 16 structures)
15 115 1co1A Fold of the cbfa
26 130 1a63A The nmr structure of the rna binding domain of e.coli rho factor suggests possible rna-protein interactions, 10 structures
10 56 1azeA Nmr structure of the complex between the c32s-y7v mutant of the nsh3 domain of grb2 with a peptide from sos, 10 structures
28 85 1couA Anticoagulant protein from the nematode ancylostoma caninum