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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
32 146 7lzgA Crystal structure of cbs domain protein from streptococcus pneumoniae tigr4
17 84 1iioA Nmr-based structure of the conserved protein mth865 from the archea methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
41 133 1iygA Solution structure of rsgi ruh-001, a fis1p-like and cgi-135 homologous domain from a mouse cdna
8 71 1gh9A Solution structure of a 8.3 kda protein (gene mth1184) from methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
18 98 1iv0A Solution structure of the yqgf-family protein (n-terminal fragment)
21 140 1jw3A Solution structure of methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum protein 1598. ontario centre for structural proteomics target mth1598_1_140; northeast structural genomics target tt6
15 88 1iurA Dnaj domain of human kiaa0730 protein
9 92 1j0gA Solution structure of mouse hypothetical 9.1 kda protein, a ubiquitin-like fold
16 102 1j03A Solution structure of a putative steroid-binding protein from arabidopsis
17 81 1dcjA Solution structure of yhhp, a novel escherichia coli protein implicated in the cell division
25 100 1j0fA Solution structure of the sh3 domain binding glutamic acid-rich protein like 3
21 100 1jbiA Nmr structure of the lccl domain
20 92 1iuyA Solution structure of the cullin-3 homologue
27 132 1ivzA Solution structure of the sea domain from murine hypothetical protein homologous to human mucin 16
0 3 3c9qL Crystal structure of the uncharacterized human protein c8orf32 with bound peptide
76 319 3u4yA The crystal structure of a functionally unknown protein (dtox_1751) from desulfotomaculum acetoxidans dsm 771.
22 125 3u6gA Crystal structure of a domain of unknown function, duf4425 (bvu_3708) from bacteroides vulgatus atcc 8482 at 1.35 a resolution
50 159 3s9xA High resolution crystal structure of asch domain from lactobacillus crispatus jv v101
11 53 5kkoA A 1.55a x-ray structure from vibrio cholerae o1 biovar el tor of a hypothetical protein
36 119 5k29A Trypanosoma brucei bromodomain bdf5 (tb427tmp.01.5000)
51 149 5jbrA Crystal structure of uncharacterized protein bcav_2135 from beutenbergia cavernae
91 365 5hx0A Crystal structure of unknown function protein dfer_1899 fromdyadobacter fermentans dsm 18053
34 133 5v4fA Crystal structure of the protein of unknown function of the conserved rid protein family yyfb from yersinia pestis
35 127 5v4dA Crystal structure of the protein of unknown function of the conserved rid protein family yyfa from yersinia pestis
31 104 4zhbA N-terminal structure of ankyrin repeat-containing protein lega11 from legionella pneumophila
79 228 4xa9a Crystal structure of the complex between the n-terminal domain of ravj and legl1 from legionella pneumophila str. philadelphia
9 62 4f98A Crystal structure of a duf2790 family protein (pa3229) from pseudomonas aeruginosa pao1 at 1.26 a resolution
73 222 4exjA Crystal structure of glutathione s-transferase like protein lelg_03239 (target efi-501752) from lodderomyces elongisporus
41 183 4f54A Crystal structure of a duf4136 family protein (bt2437) from bacteroides thetaiotaomicron vpi-5482 at 1.60 a resolution
71 264 4f67A Three dimensional structure of the double mutant of upf0176 protein lpg2838 from legionella pneumophila at the resolution 1.8a, northeast structural genomics consortium (nesg) target lgr82
136 350 4q88A Glycosyl hydrolase family 88 from bacteroides vulgatus
23 97 4evxA Crystal structure of putative phage endolysin from s. enterica
127 503 4epsA Crystal structure of a fimbrial protein (bacova_04982) from bacteroides ovatus atcc 8483 at 1.85 a resolution
101 299 4ezbA Crystal structure of the conserved hypothetical protein from sinorhizobium meliloti 1021
13 68 4evuA Crystal structure of c-terminal domain of putative periplasmic protein ydgh from s. enterica
22 95 4euyA Crystal structure of thioredoxin-like protein bce_0499 from bacillus cereus atcc 10987
91 259 4q7qA The crystal structure of a possible lipase from chitinophaga pinensis dsm 2588
150 401 4e6mA Crystal structure of putative dehydratase protein from salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar typhimurium (salmonella typhimurium)
48 187 4eaeA The crystal structure of a functionally unknown protein from listeria monocytogenes egd-e
24 126 4dsdA Crystal structure of a putative periplasmic protein (bacova_05534) from bacteroides ovatus atcc 8483 at 1.75 a resolution
21 115 4e2gA Crystal structure of cupin fold protein sthe2323 from sphaerobacter thermophilus
69 159 4eruA Crystal structure of putative cytoplasmic protein, ycif bacterial stress response protein from salmonella enterica
156 460 4dweA Crystal structure of a putative polysaccharide deacetylase (bacova_03992) from bacteroides ovatus atcc 8483 at 2.01 a resolution
70 349 4dqaA Crystal structure of a putative carbohydrate binding protein (bacova_03559) from bacteroides ovatus atcc 8483 at 1.50 a resolution
126 386 4dnhA Crystal structure of hypothetical protein smc04132 from sinorhizobium meliloti 1021
17 79 4dwfA Crystal structure of a hla-b associated transcript 3 (bat3) from homo sapiens at 1.80 a resolution
15 78 4esnA Crystal structure of a duf1312 family protein (rumgna_02503) from ruminococcus gnavus atcc 29149 at 2.20 a resolution
81 301 4ei0A Crystal structure of a duf4466 family protein (parmer_03218) from parabacteroides merdae atcc 43184 at 2.00 a resolution
28 118 4eguA 0.95a resolution structure of a histidine triad protein from clostridium difficile
58 242 4eiuA Crystal structure of a duf3823 family protein (bacuni_03093) from bacteroides uniformis atcc 8492 at 1.90 a resolution