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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
21 151 1k3nA Nmr structure of the fha1 domain of rad53 in complex with a rad9-derived phosphothreonine (at t155) peptide
15 160 1e88A Solution structure of 6f11f22f2, a compact three-module fragment of the gelatin-binding domain of human fibronectin
36 131 1dzcA High resolution structure of acidic fibroblast growth factor. mutant fgf-4-ala-(24-154), 24 nmr structures
25 187 1kxlA Solution structure of the cdc13 dna-binding domain in a complex with single-stranded telomeric dna (dna structure not modeled)
10 117 1k0hA Solution structure of bacteriophage lambda gpfii
2 74 1k9cA Solution structure of calreticulin p-domain subdomain (residues 189-261)
8 69 1hunA Solution structure of the chemokine hmip-1beta(slash)act-2 by multi-dimensional nmr: a novel chemokine dimer
4 73 1dqcA Solution structure of tachycitin, an antimicrobial protein with chitin-binding function
7 101 1hjdA Melanoma inhibitory activity (mia) protein
33 135 1jbhA Solution structure of cellular retinol binding protein type-i in the ligand-free state
17 60 1cxwA The second type ii module from human matrix metalloproteinase 2
21 158 1fhrA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphotyrosyl peptide
14 128 1gknA Structure determination and rational mutagenesis reveal binding surface of immune adherence receptor, cr1 (cd35)
4 74 1ikcA Nmr structure of alpha-bungarotoxin
6 59 1ibiA Quail cysteine and glycine-rich protein, nmr, 15 minimized model structures
31 153 1ba9A The solution structure of reduced monomeric superoxide dismutase, nmr, 36 structures
17 138 1cl3A Molecular insights into pebp2/cbf-smmhc associated acute leukemia revealed from the three-dimensional structure of pebp2/cbf beta
8 97 1bymA Solution structures of the c-terminal domain of diphtheria toxin repressor
16 137 1blrA Nmr solution structure of human cellular retinoic acid binding protein-type ii, 22 structures
14 135 1iehA Solution structure of a soluble single-domain antibody with hydrophobic residues typical of a vl/vh interface
9 109 1gcfA Nmr structure of the c-terminal domain of the ligand-binding region of murine granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor, 12 structures
3 40 1k9rA Yap65 ww domain complexed to acetyl-plppy
14 129 1ah1A Ctla-4, nmr, 20 structures
10 107 1ks6A Transforming growth factor beta type ii receptor ligand binding domain
12 123 1j1hA Solution structure of a tmrna-binding protein, smpb, from thermus thermophilus
12 53 1apqA Structure of the egf-like module of human c1r, nmr, 19 structures
17 133 1k8hA Nmr structure of small protein b (smpb) from aquifex aeolicus
10 105 1cdbA Structure of the glycosylated adhesion domain of human t lymphocyte glycoprotein cd2
6 55 1kmxA Heparin-binding domain from vascular endothelial growth factor
1 53 1ephA Three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance structures of mouse epidermal growth factor in acidic and physiological ph solutions
2 49 1gk5A Solution structure the megf/tgfalpha44-50 chimeric growth factor
1 53 1epjA Three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance structures of mouse epidermal growth factor in acidic and physiological ph solutions
5 62 1coeA Solution conformation of cobrotoxin: a nuclear magnetic resonance and hybrid distance geometry-dynamical simulated annealing study
4 42 1d6bA Solution structure of defensin-like peptide-2 (dlp-2) from platypus venom
10 113 1j5iA Solution structure of a novel chromoprotein derived from apo-neocarzinostatin and a synthetic chromophore
4 60 1h7vA Rubredoxin from guillardia theta
2 46 1jmqA Yap65 (l30k mutant) ww domain in complex with gtppppytvg peptide
2 92 1dz7A Solution structure of the a-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin [modeled without carbohydrate residues]
4 81 1gjxA Solution structure of the lipoyl domain of the chimeric dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase p64k from neisseria meningitidis
5 114 1akpA Sequential 1h,13c and 15n nmr assignments and solution conformation of apokedarcidin
16 84 1l1iA Solution structure of the tenebrio molitor antifreeze protein
4 42 1ccfA How an epidermal growth factor (egf)-like domain binds calcium-high resolution nmr structure of the calcium form of the nh2-terminal egf-like domain in coagulation factor x
9 59 1ks0A The first fibronectin type ii module from human matrix metalloproteinase 2
12 113 1j5hA Solution structure of apo-neocarzinostatin
5 74 1idhA The nmr solution structure of the complex formed between alpha-bungarotoxin and an 18mer cognate peptide
6 60 1ffjA Nmr structure of cardiotoxin in dpc-micelle
5 101 1hhnA Calreticulin p-domain
11 131 1aelA Nmr structure of apo intestinal fatty acid-binding protein, 20 structures
5 67 1awwA Sh3 domain from bruton's tyrosine kinase, nmr, 42 structures
6 56 1ccvA Nmr solution structure of apis mellifera chymotrypsin inhibitor (amci).