Acyl carrier protein (acp) domain bound to dehydratase (dh) domain in fungal fatty acid synthase (fas)
Total Genus 18
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The genus trace: a function that shows values of genus (vertical axis) for subchains spanned between the first residue, and all other residues (shown on horizontal axis). The number of the latter residue and the genus of a given subchain are shown interactively.

Total Genus
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The genus matrix. At position (x,y) a genus value for a subchain spanned between x’th and y’th residue is shown. Values of the genus are represented by color, according to the scale given on the right.

Structure visualization

After clicking on a point (x,y) in the genus matrix above, a subchain from x to y is shown in color.

Chord Diagram
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molecule keywords Fatty acid synthase subunit beta
publication title Steric occlusion regulates proximal interactions of acyl carrier protein domain in fungal fatty acid synthase.
pubmed doi rcsb
source organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae
molecule tags Transferase
total genus 18
structure length 422
sequence length 1058
ec nomenclature ec Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase (NADH).
pdb deposition date 2020-03-29

pfam database annotations

chain Pfam Accession Code Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description
G PF00698 Acyl_transf_1 Acyl transferase domain
G PF01575 MaoC_dehydratas MaoC like domain
G PF08354 DUF1729 Domain of unknown function (DUF1729)
G PF13452 MaoC_dehydrat_N N-terminal half of MaoC dehydratase
G PF16073 SAT Starter unit:ACP transacylase in aflatoxin biosynthesis
G PF17828 FAS_N N-terminal domain in fatty acid synthase subunit beta
G PF17951 FAS_meander Fatty acid synthase meander beta sheet domain
Image from the rcsb pdb (www.rcsb.org)
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