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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
66 293 7nzmB Cryo-em structure of pre-dephosphorylation complex of phosphorylated eif2alpha with trapped holophosphatase (pp1a_d64a/ppp1r15a/g-actin/dnase i)
116 447 7n0zA Structure of ppm1h phosphatase with manganese ions at the active site
116 448 7l4jA Crystal structure of wt ppm1h phosphatase
114 448 7l4iA Crystal structure of a substrate-trapping variant of ppm1h phosphatase
112 477 7kprA Structure of wild-type ppm1h phosphatase at 3.1 angstrom resolution
87 321 7jukA Crystal structure of pten with a tetra-phosphorylated tail (4p-crpten-13sp-t2, sdttdsdpeneg)
71 345 7jvxA Crystal structure of pten (aa 7-353 followed by spacer tgggsggtgggsggtgggcy ligated to peptide psdptptdpsdpenepfded)
96 320 6zucB X-ray crystal structure of the cspyl1-lig1-hab1 ternary complex
184 480 7obeA X-ray structure of the phosphatase papp5 from arabidopsis thaliana
23 108 7b7uM Cryo-em structure of mammalian rna polymerase ii in complex with human rpap2
91 293 7k36C Cryo-em structure of stripak complex
59 156 6lmyA Crystal structure of dusp22 mutant_c88s/s93a
57 157 6lotA Crystal structure of dusp22 mutant_n128d
60 156 6louA Crystal structure of dusp22 mutant_c88s/s93n
57 156 7c8sA Crystal structure of dusp22 mutant_n128a
109 291 6zk6A Protein phosphatase 1 (pp1) t320e mutant
83 293 7cunQ The structure of human integrator-pp2a complex
60 157 6lvqA Crystal structure of dusp22_vo4
62 157 6l1sA Crystal structure of dusp22 mutant_c88s
96 302 6ntsC Protein phosphatase 2a (aalpha-b56alpha-calpha) holoenzyme in complex with a small molecule activator of pp2a (smap)
0 6 3hu6C Structures of spop-substrate complexes: insights into molecular architectures of btb-cul3 ubiquitin ligases: spopmathx/btb/3-box-pucsbc1
107 291 6g0iA Active fe-pp1
105 292 6g0jA Inactive fe-pp1
106 294 6dnoA Crystal structure of protein phosphatase 1 (pp1) bound to the muscle glycogen-targeting subunit (gm)
71 202 6cniA Crystal structure of h105a pgam5 dimer
101 293 6czoA The knl1-pp1 holoenzyme
101 318 6ghmA Structure of pp1 alpha phosphatase bound to aspp2
75 253 6ae9A X-ray structure of the photosystem ii phosphatase pbcp
66 196 6cnlA Crystal structure of h105a pgam5 dodecamer
98 293 5zt0A Crystal structure of protein phosphate 1 complexed with pp1 binding domain of gl
91 294 5zqvA Crystal structure of protein phosphate 1 complexed with pp1 binding domain of gm
91 322 5zchA Crystal structure of ospp2c50 i267w:ospyl/rcar3 with (+)-aba
103 322 5zclA Crystal structure of ospp2c50 i267l:ospyl/rcar3 with (+)-aba
92 320 5zcuA Crystal structure of rcar3:pp2c wild-type with pyrabactin
105 321 5zcgA Crystal structure of ospp2c50 s265l/i267v:ospyl/rcar3 with (+)-aba
63 192 6npwB Ssu72/sympk in complex with ser2/ser5 phosphorylated peptide
109 317 6dcxA Iaspp-pp-1c structure and targeting of p53
106 293 5j28A Ki67-pp1g (protein phosphatase 1, gamma isoform) holoenzyme complex
67 234 5mufA Crystal structure of human phosphoglycerate mutase family member 5 (pgam5) in its enzymatically active dodecameric form induced by the presence of the n-terminal wdpnwd motif
86 320 5mn0B Aba receptor from citrus, cspyl1
60 231 5mqhA Structure of the phosphatase domain of the cell fate determinant spoiie from bacillus subtilis in a crystal form without domain swapping
85 321 5jo2B Crystal structure of abscisic acid-bound abscisic acid receptor pyl3 in complex with type 2c protein phosphatase hab1
110 310 5jpeA Yeast-specific serine/threonine protein phosphatase (ppz1) of candida albicans
91 321 5jo1B Crystal structure of phaseic acid-bound abscisic acid receptor pyl3 in complex with type 2c protein phosphatase hab1
102 293 5jpfA Serine/threonine phosphatase z1 (candida albicans) binds to inhibitor microcystin-lr
176 474 5jjtA Crystal structure of a type 5 serine/threonine protein phosphatase from arabidopsis thaliana
104 293 5iohA Repoman-pp1a (protein phosphatase 1, alpha isoform) holoenzyme complex
112 293 5inbA Repoman-pp1g (protein phosphatase 1, gamma isoform) holoenzyme complex
119 346 5hpeA Phosphatase domain of pp5 bound to a phosphomimetic cdc37 substrate peptide
57 180 6du3A Structure of scp1 d96n bound to rest-ps861/4 peptide