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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
9 70 1ha6A Nmr solution structure of murine ccl20/mip-3a chemokine
7 70 1g6zA Solution structure of the clr4 chromo domain
7 87 1k8oA Solution structure of the lipoic acid-bearing domain of the e2 component of human, mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase
11 77 1b2tA Solution structure of the cx3c chemokine domain of fractalkine
11 71 1g2tA Solution structure of eotaxin-3
5 73 1ap0A Structure of the chromatin binding (chromo) domain from mouse modifier protein 1, nmr, 26 structures
26 130 1a63A The nmr structure of the rna binding domain of e.coli rho factor suggests possible rna-protein interactions, 10 structures
4 81 1gjxA Solution structure of the lipoyl domain of the chimeric dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase p64k from neisseria meningitidis
8 69 1hunA Solution structure of the chemokine hmip-1beta(slash)act-2 by multi-dimensional nmr: a novel chemokine dimer
10 93 1j8iA Solution structure of human lymphotactin
25 187 1kxlA Solution structure of the cdc13 dna-binding domain in a complex with single-stranded telomeric dna (dna structure not modeled)
7 87 1a6xA Structure of the apo-biotin carboxyl carrier protein (apo-bccp87) of escherichia coli acetyl-coa carboxylase, nmr, 49 structures
6 66 1g6pA Solution nmr structure of the cold shock protein from the hyperthermophilic bacterium thermotoga maritima
6 76 1donA Solution structure of the monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 dimer using heteronuclear, nmr, 20 structures
11 71 1ah9A The structure of the translational initiation factor if1 from escherichia coli, nmr, 19 structures
6 74 1hhvA Solution structure of virus chemokine vmip-ii
8 143 1d7qA Human translation initiation factor eif1a
10 79 1h95A Solution structure of the single-stranded dna-binding cold shock domain (csd) of human y-box protein 1 (yb1) determined by nmr (10 lowest energy structures)
10 70 1dz1A Mouse hp1 (m31) c terminal (shadow chromo) domain
19 126 1d2bA The mmp-inhibitory, n-terminal domain of human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 (n-timp-1), solution nmr, 29 structures
6 73 1guwA Structure of the chromodomain from mouse hp1beta in complex with the lysine 9-methyl histone h3 n-terminal peptide, nmr, 25 structures
26 149 1joqA Ensemble structures for staphylococcal nuclease-h124l in ternary complex with ca2+ and thymidine-3',5'-bisphosphate
8 77 1dd2A Biotin carboxyl carrier domain of transcarboxylase (tc 1.3s)
6 51 1afpA Solution structure of the antifungal protein from aspergillus giganteus. evidence for disulphide configurational isomerism
17 102 1jt8A Archaeal initiation factor-1a, aif-1a
25 149 1jorA Ensemble structures for unligated staphylococcal nuclease-h124l
9 73 1eihA Solution structure of the human chemokine eotaxin-2
10 69 1ikmA Nmr study of monomeric human interleukin-8 (30 structures)
13 71 1ilpA Cxcr-1 n-terminal peptide bound to interleukin-8
16 151 1k0sA Solution structure of the chemotaxis protein chew from the thermophilic organism thermotoga maritima
8 71 1hfnA Nmr solution structures of vmip-ii 1-71 from kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus.
6 79 1ghkA Solution structure of the lipoyl domain of the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex from azotobacter vineland ii, nmr, 25 structures
6 79 1iyvA Lipoyl domain of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, nmr, 29 structures
10 77 1g91A Solution structure of myeloid progenitor inhibitory factor-1 (mpif-1)
8 102 1jjgA Solution structure of myxoma virus protein m156r
3 69 1b50A Nmr structure of human mip-1a d26a, 10 structures
5 68 1hrjA Human rantes, nmr, 13 structures
8 74 1el0A Solution structure of the human cc chemokine, i-309
311 1118 4g7oC Crystal structure of thermus thermophilus transcription initiation complex containing 2 nt of rna
328 1205 4by7B Elongating rna polymerase ii-bye1 tld complex
249 1205 5c4xB Crystal structure of a transcribing rna polymerase ii complex reveals a complete transcription bubble
265 1205 2nvtB Rna polymerase ii elongation complex in 150 mm mg+2 with gmpcpp
124 416 5jjiA Rho transcription termination factor bound to ru7 and 6 adp-bef3 molecules
190 1191 5m5yB Rna polymerase i elongation complex 2
124 416 5jjlA Rho transcription termination factor bound to ru8 and 5 adp-bef3 molecules
123 416 5jjkA Rho transcription termination factor bound to ra7 and 6 adp-bef3 molecules
67 353 5k36H Structure of an eleven component nuclear rna exosome complex bound to rna
45 236 5k36G Structure of an eleven component nuclear rna exosome complex bound to rna
16 150 5iydH Human core-pic in the initial transcribing state (no iis)
15 145 4x6aH Crystal structure of yeast rna polymerase ii encountering oxidative cyclopurine dna lesions