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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
12 129 1a9vA Tertiary structure of the major house dust mite allergen der p 2, nmr, 10 structures
18 186 1jbjA Cd3 epsilon and gamma ectodomain fragment complex in single-chain construct
25 151 1k3jA Refined nmr structure of the fha1 domain of yeast rad53
12 110 1exhA Solution structure of a cellulose binding domain from cellulomonas fimi by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
22 158 1k2nA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphothreonyl peptide derived from rad9
21 151 1k3nA Nmr structure of the fha1 domain of rad53 in complex with a rad9-derived phosphothreonine (at t155) peptide
11 87 1g6eA Antifungal protein from streptomyces tendae tu901, 30-conformers ensemble
24 158 1k2mA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphotyrosyl peptide derived from rad9
16 153 1cx1A Second n-terminal cellulose-binding domain from cellulomonas fimi beta-1,4-glucanase c, nmr, 22 structures
29 205 1bf8A Periplasmic chaperone fimc, nmr, 20 structures
9 100 1ksrA The repeating segments of the f-actin cross-linking gelation factor (abp-120) have an immunoglobulin fold, nmr, 20 structures
15 115 1co1A Fold of the cbfa
10 113 1j5iA Solution structure of a novel chromoprotein derived from apo-neocarzinostatin and a synthetic chromophore
5 114 1akpA Sequential 1h,13c and 15n nmr assignments and solution conformation of apokedarcidin
10 105 1cdbA Structure of the glycosylated adhesion domain of human t lymphocyte glycoprotein cd2
31 153 1ba9A The solution structure of reduced monomeric superoxide dismutase, nmr, 36 structures
21 158 1fhrA Solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53 complexed with a phosphotyrosyl peptide
14 135 1iehA Solution structure of a soluble single-domain antibody with hydrophobic residues typical of a vl/vh interface
14 129 1ah1A Ctla-4, nmr, 20 structures
9 109 1gcfA Nmr structure of the c-terminal domain of the ligand-binding region of murine granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor, 12 structures
12 113 1j5hA Solution structure of apo-neocarzinostatin
19 128 1bynA Solution structure of the calcium-bound first c2-domain of synaptotagmin i
19 122 1ivtA Nmr structures of the c-terminal globular domain of human lamin a/c
36 153 1kmgA The solution structure of monomeric copper-free superoxide dismutase
6 94 1j8kA Nmr structure of the fibronectin eda domain, nmr, 20 structures
12 117 1g9eA Solution structure and relaxation measurements of an antigen-free heavy chain variable domain (vhh) from llama
11 98 1j5cA Solution structure of oxidized paramagnetic cu(ii) plastocyanin from synechocystis pcc6803
37 159 1ckrA High resolution solution structure of the heat shock cognate-70 kd substrate binding domain obtained by multidimensional nmr techniques
9 95 1hk6A Ral binding domain from sec5
7 76 1c01A Solution structure of miamp1, a plant antimicrobial protein
5 94 1bmwA A fibronectin type iii fold in plant allergens: the solution structure of phl pii from timothy grass pollen, nmr, 38 structures
19 164 1g3gA Nmr structure of the fha1 domain of yeast rad53
22 151 1k3qA Nmr structure of the fha1 domain of rad53 in complex with a rad9-derived phosphothreonine (at t192) peptide
11 102 1c8pA Nmr structure of the ligand binding domain of the common beta-chain in the gm-csf, il-3 and il-5 receptors
20 138 1bshA Solution structure of the epsilon subunit of the f1-atpsynthase from escherichia coli and orientation of the subunit relative to the beta subunits of the complex
9 80 1b4rA Pkd domain 1 from human polycystein-1
24 158 1fhqA Refined solution structure of the fha2 domain of rad53
18 92 1l5cA Solution structure of the monomeric form of a mutant unliganded bovine neurophysin, 20 structures
20 158 1dmzA A refined nmr structure of a new phophopeptide-binding domain containing the fha2 of rad53
25 179 1kd6A Solution structure of the eukaryotic pore-forming cytolysin equinatoxin ii
21 249 1bwmA A single-chain t cell receptor
8 130 1gxeA Central domain of cardiac myosin binding protein c
10 105 1g84A The solution structure of the c epsilon2 domain from ige
7 88 1k85A Solution structure of the fibronectin type iii domain from bacillus circulans wl-12 chitinase a1.
21 168 1k42A The solution structure of the cbm4-2 carbohydrate binding module from a thermostable rhodothermus marinus xylanase.
8 104 1bpvA Titin module a71 from human cardiac muscle, nmr, 50 structures
17 163 1jytA Solution structure of olfactory marker protein from rat
21 160 1kriA Nmr solution structures of the rhesus rotavirus vp4 sialic acid binding domain without ligand
15 111 1dg4A Nmr structure of the substrate binding domain of dnak in the apo form
20 107 1ie5A Nmr structure of the third immunoglobulin domain from the neural cell adhesion molecule.