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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
1003 3198 3vkgA X-ray structure of an mtbd truncation mutant of dynein motor domain
899 3218 3vkhA X-ray structure of a functional full-length dynein motor domain
804 2695 4akgA Dynein motor domain - atp complex
807 2695 4ai6A Dynein motor domain - adp complex
798 2695 4akhA Dynein motor domain - amppnp complex
798 2695 4akiA Dynein motor domain - luac derivative
20 58 1h0tB An affibody in complex with a target protein: structure and coupled folding
24 101 1l3eB Nmr structures of the hif-1alpha ctad/p300 ch1 complex
60 180 1a7mA Leukaemia inhibitory factor chimera (mh35-lif), nmr, 20 structures
24 121 1jspB Nmr structure of cbp bromodomain in complex with p53 peptide
11 57 1hbwA Solution nmr structure of the dimerization domain of the yeast transcriptional activator gal4 (residues 50-106)
46 178 1gncA Structure and dynamics of the human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor determined by nmr spectroscopy. loop mobility in a four-helix-bundle protein
12 60 1bdcA Staphylococcus aureus protein a, immunoglobulin-binding b domain, nmr, 10 structures
14 40 1ercA The nmr solution structure of the pheromone er-1 from the ciliated protozoan euplotes raikovi
16 41 1hf9A C-terminal coiled-coil domain from bovine if1
84 215 1g7oA Nmr solution structure of reduced e. coli glutaredoxin 2
30 79 1c99A Asp61 deprotonated form of subunit c of the f1fo atp synthase of escherichia coli
49 135 1i6zA Bag domain of bag1 cochaperone
43 125 1fr0A Solution structure of the histidine-containing phosphotransfer domain of anaerobic sensor kinase arcb from escherichia coli.
31 123 1bvmA Solution nmr structure of bovine pancreatic phospholipase a2, 20 structures
31 79 1ijpA Solution structure of ala20pro/pro64ala substituted subunit c of escherichia coli atp synthase
18 56 1edjA Staphylococcal protein a e-domain (180), nmr, 20 structures
31 129 1cylA Aspects of receptor binding and signalling of interleukin-4 investigated by site-directed mutagenesis and nmr spectroscopy
33 86 1acaA Three-dimensional structure of the complex between acyl-coenzyme a binding protein and palmitoyl-coenzyme a
16 56 1edlA Staphylococcal protein a e-domain (-60), nmr, 22 structures
6 75 1kn7A Solution structure of the tandem inactivation domain (residues 1-75) of potassium channel rck4 (kv1.4)
27 65 1c5aA Three-dimensional structure of porcine c5ades*arg from 1h nuclear magnetic resonance data
31 133 1bcnA Three-dimensional solution structure of human interleukin-4 by multi-dimensional heteronuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
9 50 1fdmA Fd major coat protein in sds micelles, nmr, 20 structures
36 129 1ekyA Model structure from non-noe based nmr structure calculation
14 52 1fjpA Nmr solution structure of phospholamban (c41f)
46 166 1eq1A Nmr structure of an exchangeable apolipoprotein-manduca sexta apolipophorin-iii
17 85 1e91A Structure of the complex of the mad1-sin3b interaction domains
14 77 1dipA The solution structure of porcine delta-sleep-inducing peptide immunoreactive peptide, nmr, 10 structures
27 79 1a91A Subunit c of the f1fo atp synthase of escherichia coli; nmr, 10 structures
14 42 1kv4A Solution structure of antibacterial peptide (moricin)
91 218 1gu8A Sensory rhodopsin ii
14 71 1ajyA Structure and mobility of the put3 dimer: a dna pincer, nmr, 13 structures
14 47 1aq5A High-resolution solution nmr structure of the trimeric coiled-coil domain of chicken cartilage matrix protein, 20 structures
22 72 1jw2A Solution structure of hemolysin expression modulating protein hha from escherichia coli. ontario centre for structural proteomics target ec0308_1_72; northeast structural genomics target et88
7 76 1du2A Solution structure of the theta subunit of dna polymerase iii
20 138 1bshA Solution structure of the epsilon subunit of the f1-atpsynthase from escherichia coli and orientation of the subunit relative to the beta subunits of the complex
21 58 1h0tA An affibody in complex with a target protein: structure and coupled folding
27 89 1g1eB Nmr structure of the human mad1 transrepression domain sid in complex with mammalian sin3a pah2 domain
49 98 1aj3A Solution structure of the spectrin repeat, nmr, 20 structures
22 70 1e68A Solution structure of bacteriocin as-48
53 139 1ktmA Solution structure of fat domain of focal adhesion kinase
9 48 1cw5A Solution structure of carnobacteriocin b2
28 118 1jm4B Nmr structure of p/caf bromodomain in complex with hiv-1 tat peptide
28 79 1c0vA Subunit c of the f1fo atp synthase of escherichia coli; nmr, 10 structures