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Total Genus Sequence Length pdb Title
1003 3198 3vkgA X-ray structure of an mtbd truncation mutant of dynein motor domain
899 3218 3vkhA X-ray structure of a functional full-length dynein motor domain
6 58 1a0nB Nmr study of the sh3 domain from fyn proto-oncogene tyrosine kinase complexed with the synthetic peptide p2l corresponding to residues 91-104 of the p85 subunit of pi3-kinase, family of 25 structures
13 58 1aeyA Alpha-spectrin src homology 3 domain, solution nmr, 15 structures
17 151 1ix5A Solution structure of the methanococcus thermolithotrophicus fkbp
3 50 1e8rA Solution structure of type x cbd
8 62 1kfzA Solution structure of c-terminal sem-5 sh3 domain (ensemble of 16 structures)
10 85 1ip9A Solution structure of the pb1 domain of bem1p
10 60 1jegA Solution structure of the sh3 domain from c-terminal src kinase complexed with a peptide from the tyrosine phosphatase pep
4 96 1doyA 1h and 15n sequential assignment, secondary structure and tertiary fold of [2fe-2s] ferredoxin from synechocystis sp. pcc 6803
14 96 1eq3A Nmr structure of human parvulin hpar14
20 128 1e0zA [2fe-2s]-ferredoxin from halobacterium salinarum
10 56 1gb1A A novel, highly stable fold of the immunoglobulin binding domain of streptococcal protein g
8 56 1fclA Delta1.5: a computationally designed core variant of the b1 domain of streptococcal protein g
10 56 1azeA Nmr structure of the complex between the c32s-y7v mutant of the nsh3 domain of grb2 with a peptide from sos, 10 structures
4 60 1kg1A Nmr structure of the nip1 elicitor protein from rhynchosporium secalis
17 130 1aweA Human sos1 pleckstrin homology (ph) domain, nmr, 20 structures
17 120 1j6yA Solution structure of pin1at from arabidopsis thaliana
7 74 1gbrA Orientation of peptide fragments from sos proteins bound to the n-terminal sh3 domain of grb2 determined by nmr spectroscopy
32 122 1axjA Fmn-binding protein from desulfovibrio vulgaris (miyazaki f), nmr, 20 structures
7 101 1hjdA Melanoma inhibitory activity (mia) protein
18 95 1h5pA Solution structure of the human sp100b sand domain by heteronuclear nmr.
23 123 1awzA 3d solution structure of human angiogenin determined by 1h, 15n nmr spectroscopy, 30 structures
7 94 1ieuA Apocytochrome b5, ph 6.2, 298 k, nmr, 10 structures
33 159 1c06A Solution structure of ribosomal protein s4 delta 41, refined with dipolar couplings (ensemble of 16 structures)
140 477 1htqA Multicopy crystallographic structure of a relaxed glutamine synthetase from mycobacterium tuberculosis
21 144 1kpqA Structure of the tsg101 uev domain
22 110 1fw7A Nmr structure of 15n-labeled barnase
9 92 1j0gA Solution structure of mouse hypothetical 9.1 kda protein, a ubiquitin-like fold
10 76 1iyfA Solution structure of ubiquitin-like domain of human parkin
8 97 1bymA Solution structures of the c-terminal domain of diphtheria toxin repressor
19 94 1do9A Solution structure of oxidized microsomal rabbit cytochrome b5. factors determining the heterogeneous binding of the heme.
12 100 1klvA Solution structure and backbone dynamics of gabarap, gabaa receptor associated protein
5 67 1awwA Sh3 domain from bruton's tyrosine kinase, nmr, 42 structures
8 130 1i16A Structure of interleukin 16: implications for function, nmr, 20 structures
8 81 1ibxA Nmr structure of dff40 and dff45 n-terminal domain complex
26 119 1kotA Solution structure of human gaba receptor associated protein gabarap
9 57 1gb4A Hyperthermophilic variant of the b1 domain from streptococcal protein g, nmr, 47 structures
9 91 1fuwA Solution structure and backbone dynamics of a double mutant single-chain monellin(scm) determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
13 108 1a67A Chicken egg white cystatin wildtype, nmr, 16 structures
8 85 1hxvA Ppiase domain of the mycoplasma genitalium trigger factor
16 102 1j03A Solution structure of a putative steroid-binding protein from arabidopsis
17 107 1kvzA Solution structure of cytotoxic rc-rnase4
11 111 1bc4A The solution structure of a cytotoxic ribonuclease from the oocytes of rana catesbeiana (bullfrog), nmr, 15 structures
5 60 1arkA Sh3 domain from human nebulin, nmr, 15 structures
15 95 1i35A Solution structure of the ras-binding domain of the protein kinase byr2 from schizosaccharomyces pombe
20 96 1fa3A Solution structure of mnei, a sweet protein
12 96 1c54A Solution structure of ribonuclease sa
14 106 1gpxA C85s gapdx, nmr, 20 structures
26 125 1iskA 3-oxo-delta5-steroid isomerase, nmr, 20 structures